What are we doing in class?

Kindergarten is all about the beginning of music literacy and starting the foundation of musical language.
We will explore various genres and types of classical music and folk songs.
We will develop beat keeping and movement through LOTS of fun games and activities.
We talk about our different types of voices: talking, singing, silly, etc.
We learn about musical opposites: highs and lows, loud and soft, fast and slow.


First Grade is where start to develop a better understanding of musical terms and start to learn specific music terminology. 
We continue to develop concepts from Kindergarten like singing voices vs. speaking voices.
We learn about dynamics, tempo, and the first sets of rhythm and solfege syllables.
We further develop the act of keeping a steady beat through games, activities, and instruments.


In Second grade we begin to dive head first into music literacy (reading and writing music). Developing our terminology of rhythm and solfege syllables and putting those into practice by not only reading music but also writing music! We will be building on the activities and games played in class by having them decode the songs and find the rhythm and solfege for various songs and games.


Third Grade will build upon the concepts learned previously, but we will starting adding new terminology, new solfege and rhythms, and new more complex games and activities. Third graders will start doing classic folk dances to start learning more about form and expression.


In Fourth grade we practice singing in solfege, working towards the entire pentatonic scale and learning even more solfege syllables.
We work towards reading and decoding known songs and finding the correct solfege syllables.
We work on reading and writing new, and old, rhythms and improvisation.
We will continue to learn new folk dances and new fun games as well!


Fifth Grade we build on our musical knowledge and start introducing modes! Our fifth graders will learn Major/Minor, the full pentatonic solfege scale, and work towards reading and singing new and old songs. We begin working in compound meters as well as new rhythm work to count and write. We also continue to learn new folk songs, dances, and fun games for even the "too cool" kids!

Get ready for our fifth grade promotion concert! The kids have been working hard to learn their performance music in class. For extra practice at home, please go to our YouTube playlist!