About Me

About me 

I am an elementary school teacher who works at the Toronto District School Board. I have been teaching for eight years, and in that time have taught grades three, four, five, and six. Prior to becoming a professional educator, I worked as an analyst in the training department at one of the big five Canadian banks for four years. Training and education have always been important components of my career, and being able to share the love of learning with my students makes my job very rewarding. 

My Philosophy of Education 

My philosophy of education is built around the belief that every individual has the capacity to be successful, and to accomplish great things in life. A holistic approach that takes all facets of education into consideration is very important, and begins by creating a positive inviting environment where all students are welcome, and feel safe to express their views and comfortable enough to want to participate in class activities. Creating a cooperative community of learners that engage each other with respect and with appreciation, by emphasizing teamwork and empathy, allows for a project based focus that incorporates different learning styles, and creativity to grow. Emphasis on volunteering in the school, community engagement (e.g., reading buddies), and other student leadership opportunities allow students to develop their soft skills and to build their confidence. Fostering transparency by inviting parents and other community members into the classroom teaches that school is only one component of student life, and it allows for many celebrations of our success throughout the year. Providing opportunities are the teacher's main purpose - the more and varied the better chance that students will have to be successful.



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"All who have meditated on the art of governing mankind have been convinced that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth." (Aristotle)