Ms. Revels 2nd Grade Class Assignment

The class assignment

Ms. Revels

Monday, October 5

Today’s Objective:  How to use your vocabulary words in a sentence


Do Now:

Write the vocabulary and the definitions


New- not old, recently born, built, or created.

Car- a vehicle that has four wheels for carrying   people.

Take- to carry or move.

Shark- a large and dangerous fish with sharp teeth.

Eyes- the part of the body you see with.


Bell Work:


Judy started working at 10 AM and finished at 3 PM.

 How long did Judy work?


(A) 5 hours

(B) 7 hours

(C) 2 hours







Use your Vocabulary words in a sentence.   

Work Sheet:  Math 2 Digit Addition + Subtraction, You have 10 problems to be returned tomorrow.

Write in YOUR Journal: If there were no TV, what might you do instead?