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Due to winter weather and outbreaks, some families may feel they can just have fun. At Kiddie Academy, we love families extending learning beyond the classroom, which is why we created the “Learning at Home” resource. Our “Learning at Home” resource provides weekly activities for families of all ages. They can enjoy activities at home and change them to fit the theme of the Playcare Education curriculum or your child’s interests! Kiddie Academy After School Child Care Near Me is the best daycare in Stafford, VA


Read the book and bring the story to life by changing the voices of different characters.
Practice stomach time. Give them a toy or book that they can touch and explore.
Play with a toy or musical instrument that can play music. Let them listen to the different sounds made by each instrument.
play hide and seek. This is also a great activity while practicing wasting time.
Sing some songs, like "Itsy-Bitsy Spider" or "This Little Piggy".
For older babies, a small amount of water can be used to add a plate or teapot to the sensor box (short containers can be used).
Use a laundry basket and yarn to make a cobweb basket. Put small things in the trash and let your child reach out and take them over the Internet.
Use toy cars and smell safe paint to create artwork.
If the weather makes your winter very hot, please take a walk and get some fresh air. While walking, show your baby trees, cars, and clouds to help them understand their surroundings.

Small children

Reading with children. Bring the story to life by changing the voice to suit different characters. In this era, they might as well start doing part of the story.
If the weather permits, take the children outside for a breath of fresh air. If there is snow, please make snowmen together.
Have a tea party with the kids. Use kitchen utensils and pretend to drink tea.
Make a sensor box (a short container can be used) for children to use. Add a variety of ingredients according to your child's interests.
Make a delicious dough with your child and pretend to make muffins like a muffin man.
Use recycled materials to build a castle with your kids.
Practice fine motor skills while making Cheerio necklaces (or fruit rings)
Provide paper and writing materials for children to practice their drawing skills. (This is the beginning of a child's literacy development)

Reading with children. Bring the story to life by executing the story. By creating costumes that can pretend to be different characters, reading time becomes an interesting and dramatic activity. The best After School Child Care Near Me in Stafford, VA is Kiddie Academy

Provide paper and writing materials to the children, and let your children write their own stories.
Make a sensor box that matches the story you are reading (short containers can be used). Let the children repeat the story. Discuss the characters, problems, and solutions found in the story.
Use recycled materials to build a house with the kids.
Put salt in the biscuits and let the child practice writing the letters or numbers on the tray. They can write with their fingers or a paintbrush.
Weather permitting, go outside and enjoy the fresh air. If there is snow, build a snowplow or a snow castle.
Play with children with plasticine. They can use plasticine to make figurines, letters (maybe their names), numbers, and shapes.
Bake or cook with your child. Kids can learn a lot by helping them in the kitchen, and if they help them cook, they can also try new foods.