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Ancient History at Sabin Middle School Rocks!!!


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Welcome to 7th grade Eastern Hemisphere.  We have been talking about the civilization of Mesopotamia.  Students have worked on taking notes for information, map skills, basic history vocabulary and will be creating their own cuneiform writing.  A project will be assigned and is listed below.  Also, we will be doing in class simulations to help us better understand what life was like during these times. 

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Mesopotamia Project 

  •  Students:    You will be completing a final project for our unit on Mesopotamia.  Your task will be to become an “EXPERT” on one subject related to Mesopotamia, complete the project that accompanies the choices, and present your project to the class.  You will be given 2 days in class and/or the computer lab to complete your task.  All other work must be done at home.  You will have free choice on your topic, provided that no one else at your pod has chosen the same topic.  At that time, a die will be rolled and the highest number gets first choice.  Your assignment is due at school on _____September 14__________.  Any late assignments will be given half credit.   Please be sure to mark the date in your agendas and plan accordingly.     When choosing your project please keep in mind the materials you will need and should you not be able to get these materials it might be wise to pick another topic.  I’m happy to help in any way I can so please do not hesitate to ask.     The following is a list of topics.  Circle your first choice and underline your second should there be a need as stated above.  Specific requirements for the following projects are on the back of this sheet.  
  •  ·        Travel Brochure·        Descriptions of the dynasties written on a scroll·        ABC book of customs and religions·        Paper dolls·        Create an artifact using cuneiform writing·        A diorama or model of a temple·        Map showing the trade routes·        Student designed project (please get teacher approval)     

  •  Please take this paper home with you tonight and share it with your parents.  You both need to sign below acknowledging that you understand the project and are aware of the due dates.  Return this sheet tomorrow for 5 points.

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