Miss Moore's Class

Welcome Back to School!


I hope you all had a FANTASTIC summer!


The time has come to get back in the swing of things. This website will work as a resource for you to be successful in my class. I will post assignments, upcoming due dates, and extra resources. This will also be a great way for parents to keep up with what we are doing in class and get involved! 



The following is a list of materials your child will need for my classes: 

Arkansas History, Civics, Economics Material List: 



Binder (3-inch)

Loose leaf paper


What are we doing?

Virtual Field Trip: 

Go to the follwing webstie and take the virtual tour. In class, we are applying this to answering questions about the various regions in Arkansas. 




The followingwebsite leads to a list of videos about the Native American tribes in Arkansas. In class, we used it to fill in gaphic organizers with the information.