An Introduction

Hello! My name is Tony Rodriguez

 I was born and raised in Pembroke Pines Florida and developed an interest in art and the creation process at an early age and this has led me to where I am today as a visual artist. Before I attended the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia, I realized I was endlessly fascinated with the movement of the human figure and the ways in which it evokes light and shadow. This helped me find the study of Illustration. Throughout my undergrad at SCAD I learned that in the larger body of my work, the ideas of chiaroscuro and portraiture became two important elements that helped me grow. From this process manifests a range of value, which essentially aids me when I sight and measure for proportion. To me, a simple drawing with a recognizable face demonstrates any knowledge of the value scale and human degree. When clients view my work I would like for them to understand my attempts at realism and my honest usage of rough and dark marks to fill large plains.

Although most of the time I am satisfied with the after effect of a basic and dry pencil drawing, my own interest and talent in music has led me to create the recognizable faces of today?s up and coming musicians. In this past year, I have been proudly able to Illustrate for several publications and a variety of charitable events in the Miami area. Recently with the use of Photoshop and digital collage, I have taken my work to a fresh new start in creating artwork that is less time-intensive and appears much richer and colorful without losing its traditional sketch. Portraiture is something to which I am dedicated and strive to gain recognition in the field of Illustration. 

After recently beginning graduate school I was encouraged by my professors and peers to pursue a teaching career. I assisted several drawing and painting professors in the past all of which will speak on my behalf if any reference letters are required. Teaching is something I am interested in and I feel ready to take this on due to the ample experience I carry in the area of fine arts. Overall, I am ready to be dedicated to a job involving younger students who are passionate and interested in this field. 


Cell: 813-334-1585