The 25th Island of Greece


The 25th Island of Greece is the island of Chora. The whitewashed buildings of Chora reflect the traditional craftsmanship of the builders. If you're looking for a beautiful place to stay and visit during your holiday in Greece, this island is the right choice. Serifos, Amorgos, Paros, Skopelos, and Sifnos are some of the best. Read on to learn more about each of these stunning islands.


If you're looking for an idyllic, unspoiled location to explore during your trip to Greece, Serifos Island should be on your list. Its rich, aromatic cuisine will take your taste buds on a sensory adventure. The local cuisine features rich spices, marathopites and local raisins, as well as sun-dried octopus, fresh fish, cheese, and sweet treats.


Amorgos, 25th Island of the Greek Islands, is an incredible place to spend a vacation. It's not the biggest island, but it is certainly the most scenic. In addition to its enchanting beaches, Amorgos is famous for its honey, which is harvested by the locals and used to make delicious sweets. If you're looking for a getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life, Amorgos is the perfect place.


On Paros, the white monastery of Ai Yianni Detis dominates the beautiful bay. Historically, Paros was famous for its fine white marble. The word "Parian" came from this stone, which is a very similar stone to marble found in other parts of Greece. Many people today visit the island because of its white architecture and peaceful alleys. There are many things to do in Paros, but it is not a place to spend your entire vacation in one place.


The island of Skopelos is the 25th largest of the Greek Islands, and its capital is the picturesque village of Chora, a sea of tiled roofs jutting out from the coast. Its narrow alleys and domed churches are full of traditional Greek and Venetian architecture, and the Women's Agricultural Association is dedicated to continuing this rich tradition. Skopelos also has a rich culinary tradition, and it's home to a variety of traditional dishes.


This sleepy Greek island has a population of only 5,000 permanent residents, which makes it one of the last untouched idylls in the country. It is a popular location for film productions and is the 25th largest island in Greece. Situated close to Athens, Amurgos offers scenic scenery and a rich history. The capital, Argostoli, is home to most of the island's residents.


The Greek island of Ikaria, the 25th largest in the Cyclades, is located in the North-Eastern Aegean Sea. It is located approximately 10 nautical miles northwest of Samos and 26 nautical miles east of Mykonos. Located 56 miles south of the Greek island of Chios, Ikaria is 143 miles from Piraeus harbour. The island is covered by a mountain, Atheras, almost entirely covering the entire island. The highest peak is Melissa, which is located at the northwest of the island.


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