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Education Philosophy

Why an educator?

An educator helps children negotiate an important life change and shape a foundation for their future. This is what educators do and I want to be one of those educators who make a difference in a child’s life. I have a feeling that teaching or should I say guiding young children will become my passion. I will dedicate my time to the children who walk through my classroom door to help gain the knowledge needed. I was inspired to become a teacher by my first, second and third grade teacher, Mrs. Seufert, and I hope to have the same impact or even bigger in children like she had with me. I have never doubted my dream of becoming a teacher, therefore, I know for a fact that I am on the right path.

Patience is a key.

Not all children captivate the information the same way. We have to understand some students are visual learners while others are verbal. As teachers we have to be patient and balance out the activities for all students to comprehend the activities without leaving someone behind. If I notice a child struggling obviously I am going to give them an extra hand to remain in the same level as the rest even if it takes more time from my part. If one strategy does not work for the entire class, I can introduce other strategies to the class and have the children follow the one they understand the most. A goal in my classroom would be using integrated curriculum to allow children to socialize with their classmates and myself to be well socially developed when they are older. Guiding our children in a positive way should always come first. If we do what is right in our classrooms the children should be learning every day. Besides parents, teachers are significant to the children’s future so we have to be determined to do our best throughout our years of being teachers.

Effectiveness in the Classroom:

Achieving effective learning in the classroom begins with the positive role of a teacher. The teacher not only teaches the children but also guides them through their educational journey in a safe environment. The environment should continue to be welcoming and enjoyable for children which I can apply by choosing activities that will have the children interacting with each other and using their creativity to create projects while still learning. When it comes to reviewing the materials used in class for the curriculum, I believe our decisions have to be based in consideration of children and their backgrounds instead of the teachers’ opinions or values since the children are the ones who will benefit the most out of it.

I want to be that teacher who plays dress up when teaching lessons. I want to be that teacher who wears those silly vests around holidays. I want to be that teacher who loves what she does. I want to be that teacher who strives for the best of her students.  I want to be that teacher who has the desire to see her students succeed. I want to be that teacher the students look back at and smile for making a difference in their lives.    

--Ms. Hernandez