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A New Nuggett!

I am the newest member to the Nob Hill Elementary support staff.  I come to Nob Hill with 36 years of service in the Broward County Schools and experience as an in-home therapist through a local non profit agency.  The field of guidance is my passion and I am thrilled to join the staff of Nob Hill Elementary.  I am married to an architect and have two grown sons.

  My introduction to Nob Hill last year was a positive experience and I have come to love the students here and enjoy working with them and the staff.  As a specialist in child development, I will advocate for students as they strive to meet the challenges and demands of their work.  Focusing on children's different learning styles and individual needs in my priority. As a school counselor I am also en educator that is specially trained in a position calling attention to situations within the school that may defeat, frustrate, or hinder a student's academic achievement.  I am constantly collecting data to identify patterns of achievement and behaviors affecting student goals and success.

My position is to provide the leadership to assess our school needs, to identify issues and to collaborate with others, including staff, administration, parents or guardians to develop solutions.

I keep an open door policy and invite you to drop in and say hi.