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♦Today's Lunch (June 2nd): Meatball subs


   →Memorial Day- Monday (May 29th) *School closed* 

  • Pajama Day- Friday (May 26th)
  • Career Day- Tuesday (May 16th) 

enlightenedHomework/Due Dates

Week: May 29th- June 2nd 

Week: May 22nd- May 26th

Week: May 15th- May 19th

yesIn Class Assignments 

Week: May 29th- June 2nd *Short week due to Memorial Day*

  • Monday (May 29th)-  smileyMemorial Day *No School* 
  • Tuesday (May 30th)- History New York State Lesson/worksheet, English punctuation lesson, Math Fraction/Multiplication lesson, cursive writing review, Science Nervous System Lesson worksheet/handout, Book report/ Final culture project review
  • Wednesday (May 31st)- History New York Quiz, Review History homework, Review Math Homework, English puctuation worksheet, Science Nervous System review
  • Thursday (June 1st)- Science Nervous System Exam, Review Science Nervous System handout, book report review, begin History California State lesson, review Math fraction/multiplication lesson/worksheet
  • Friday (June 2nd)- History California State lesson, Book report presentations(book report due today), Final culture project presentations (project due today).

Week: May 22nd- May 26th

  • Monday (May 22nd)- English grammar worksheet,History Ohio State lesson, Math division lesson, Science Anatomy lesson, Assign books (book report due June 2nd)
  • Tuesday (May 23rd)- Math division review/worksheet, History Ohio State worksheet, watch Science Anatomy film/handout, English grammar review
  • Wednesday (May 24th)- English grammar quiz, History Ohio state quiz, review Math homework, book report review, Science Anatomy review
  • Thursday (May 25th)- Review science homework, English grammar exam, review of final culture project, Science Anatomy exam
  • Friday (May 26th)- History New York State lesson, Math division exam, cursive writing lesson, Mother's Day arts and crafts

Week: May 15th- May 19th

  • Moday (May 15th)- History Georgia State lessson, Math Addition lesson, English literature reading/ film, Science Butterfly lesson
  • Tuesday (May 16th)- History Georgia State worksheet, English literature review//handout, Book report review, Science Butterfly review
  • Wednesday (May 17th)- History Georgia State quiz, English homework review, Math Addition review/ handout
  • Thursday (May 18th)- English literature quiz, Book report review, begin History Ohio State lesson
  • Friday (May 19th)- Science Butterfly Exam, Math Addition homework review, Book report presentations (book report due today)



*In Case of A Weather Day: Students are still responsible for completing their work by the due date. Plan ahead! 

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