Cover Letter for Paraprofessional Full Time Jobs

Dear Human Resources, 

I believe that I am uniquely qualified for a Paraprofessional position because of my past educational background, earning Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Services with a focus on Developmental Disabilities from Washburn University. Recently I have decided that becoming a teacher is not for me because I enjoy working with the students directly. I have taken several classes to obtain a Teaching License before discovering that the teacher does not get to work with the students as often as I would like. I have served as a substitute paraeducator in USD 501 for about four years. I served a wide variety of educational settings including early childhood centers, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and an alternative school. I do know some American Sign Language and can speak some Spanish (which I am working on becoming fluent). I am willing to work in elementary schools. My goal will be to secure a full-time paraeducator position in one of the schools for a year followed by going back to school to enter a master program of the area I have worked in during my full year of full time employment.



Ashley Wells

Primary phone: 17852215894