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Grading Policy - Supplies


Grades - If you are having any problem with this class PLEASE SEE ME!!! - Don't Suffer in Silence. 

Your grade will consist of the following: 

  • Assessments (40%)
  • Labs/Projects (30%)
  • Participation (15%)
  • Homework (15%)

Assessments can be exams or other measures used to determine student learning.  Summative Assessments (ones used to show what you have learned after a unit) used for grading will be announced.  Formative Assessments (pretests) will be given to help guide the instructional process, but do not contribute to the grades.  This distinction will be made clear prior to the assessment. 

Labs will include the worksheets, and lab reports discussed in more detail in the Lab syllabus.  Yes, you will write in Chemistry class.  It is what scientists do with their findings.  These assignments are an easy way to bolster your grades. I do not give extra credit.  I do allow test corrections.  There will be plenty of opportunities to earn credit in class. 

Participation in class and in activities.

Homework will be given, and graded for effort and completeness.  Chemistry does require some practice to develops skills.  This is another easy way to bolster your grade and develop the skills to solve problems. 


Late work will be accepted with a penalty.  If you are having a problem come and see me!!


Supplies- You will need to bring these to every class. 

  • Three ring binder with loose-leaf (hole punch recommended) I will supply notes pages sometimes, sometimes you will write them from board or class.  Some divider may be useful.  A 2-2.5 inch three ring binder should be sufficient.
  • Scientific calculator (not picky, bring the one you are using in math class)
  • Pen and pencil (Yes you will need both) (You may want some colors as well)
  • Index cards (for definition flash cards)



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