Get to Know the Teacher!

Let me introduce myself!

My name is Mrs. Anne Shope and I'm looking forward to getting to know you this year!  I attended The University of Dayton and have worked closely with pre-service teachers from several local universities.  I have lived in the Dayton area my whole life, but have loved being able to travel to many places with my family.  I love the beach and the mountains (wish we had some in Ohio!).  I have been married for 26 years and I am mom to three grown children: 2 girls and 1 boy.  My favorite title is grandma to my two adorable grand daughters (I like them better than my kids, lol!).  Both of my parents were teachers so I guess being a teacher is in my blood.  This will be my 11th year teaching 3rd grade, but I have also taught preschool, and second grade.  To relax I love to read a good book, take a walk or a bike ride.  I really love chocolate and pasta and I think turtles and owls are cool.   My house has more furry friends than people: my dog, Murphy and four cats: Stormy, Butters, Gidget, and Frankie.  I can't wait to learn more about you!