Important Info

     Below you will find the 2018-2019 supply list.  Please do not send items that are not on the list as they will be sent home.  We have very limited storage space so we have tried to be fairly simplistic with our list.  Please do not send binders or scissors.  Many of the items listed are community items and will be collected and distributed as needed in our class.  This ensures that all students have the tools necessary on a daily basis.  This has worked out well over the years with only needing to occassionally request more erasers or tissues later in the year.  If you are having difficulty obtaining school supplies, please check with the school office as they often keep some extras on hand.  We will provide composition books for individual subjects, as well as a spiral planner for your child to use daily.

3rd Grade Supply list


2018 - 2019

  • 1 School box
  • 2 Boxes of tissues (c)
  • 1 bottle of hand sanitizer (c)
  • (4) 24 count Dixon/Ticonderoga pencils * (c)
  • (1) 24 count crayons
  • Boys:  1 container of Clorox wipes (c)
  • Girls:  1 Package of BABY wipes for whiteboards (c)
  • 1 pack of expo markers (c)
  • 1 Green vinyl folder (no prongs)**
  • 1 Orange folder (no prongs)**
  • 1 Blue folder with prongs**
  • 1 Yellow folder with prongs**
  • 1 Red folder with prongs**
  • 1 pkg. eraser caps (c)
  • 1 box of bandaids (c)
  • Girls:  1 box quart size baggies (c)
  • Boys:  1 box gallon size baggie (c)

*Cheap pencils are cheap for a reason!  The lead does not stay in or they break easily and students end up going through more of them very quickly

 **Please NO character/special folders.  Specific colors are requested for organizational purposes.

(c) Community items are collected and shared throughout the year as needed.