Creating Intellectually Creative Individuals

This page willh hopefully allow others to learn the way they feel is best for them. If children cannot learn the way we teach then we must teach the way they learn. The point of teaching is not only making sure that the student understands the content but to also provide the child a safe and fun enviornment where they can grow and develop into the person they desire to be.

In order to teach the way students learn we must first understand the best way they learn. There are seven different types of ways that a student may learn as demonstrated in the picture below.

this website provides insight on verb tenses as well as provides links with worksheets for extra practicelaugh


This link gives a full presentation on the most common grammar mistakes made. it also gives some insight on how to prevent these mistakes from reoccuring.

In case you have younger students learning about grammar or learning just about any subject you may use video and song. This will not only catch their attention but also allow them to sing along which will promote repition and soon enough they will be able to understand grammar just because of memorization.