Can You Wear Hearing Aids While Exercising?

 Hearing aids can be used for most sports such as yoga, gymnastics, golf, jogging, or dancing. Hearing aids can improve your training experience in many ways. When doing water sports such as swimming or surfing, it may be best to remove the headphones to prevent the water from damaging the internal components. This only applies if you have hearing aids that are specifically designed for this purpose. In 2012, the Hear-the-World Foundation carried out a study that found that 70 percent of hearing aid users enjoy sports activities more with their hearing aids. 47 percent of users said that exercising is more fun with the headphones you trust.




Some Reasons If You Want To Exercise With Headphones Include:

  • Increased Security, Communication And Connectivity: Headphones Help Keep You Safe When you exercise with headphones, you become much more aware of your surroundings.
  • Hearing Aids Help You Stay Connected: In addition, many modern hearing aids come with wireless options that allow you to connect hearing aids and cell phones via Bluetooth so that hearing aid wearers can stream music or incoming calls and messages straight to their ears. So if you enjoy listening to your favorite podcasts or audio books or motivational music while exercising, the headphones will make your workout even more enjoyable.


How to Secure Your Hearing Aids While Exercising?


Another common problem that can arise when exercising with hearing aids: How do you hold them in your ear and keep them from falling out? During intense exercises such as running, wrestling, and dancing that involve a lot of active movement, the hearing aids can slip out of the ear. To combat this problem, you have several options based on the type of hearing aid you have. For example, if you have behind-the-ear hearing aids (BTE), you can wear a headband that covers the hearing aids to keep them in place or tight-fitting caps so the hearing aids are more securely anchored on your head . Alternatively, you can invest in a headphone clip or lanyard to keep your hearing aids from falling out of your ear.This headphone clip is attached to your headphones and "clips" to your clothing.


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