Weekly Newsletter


Weekly Focus:  Review Topics 1-4

Benchmark Test:  Thursday, October 13


Language Arts

TAB Forms – Students are to read at least 100 pages from books, magazines, or newspapers at home and return the TAB form every Wednesday.

ReadingWeekly StorySatchel Paige

Story Test:  Friday, October 14

English/WritingWeekly Focus

Writing Skills, Quotations, Correcting Sentences

October Write Away Day

Top Authors

Laura – The Haunted Graveyard

Alyx – The Cemetery

John – The World’s Craziest Praying Mantis Ever!

Most Improved Writer

Jonathon – The Walking Dead


Totally Awesome Readers!

Last week’s top readers were:

Girls:  Kayla & Alyx

Boy:  Alex

*2 girls and 1 boy per week are honored because     we have 14 girls and 7 boys in our class



Weekly Focus:  Chapter 3, Energy & Matter in Ecosystems

Test:  Thursday, October 13









Social Studies

Weekly Focus:  Chapter 3, Causes of the Civil War

Test:  Friday, October 14



The students have collected $26.85 towards the $50.00 beaver adoption fee.