Assignment Instructions and Example Page

This webpage is similiar to the assignment that you will do as a group.  Each person in your group will research and write a persuasive paragraph on a cave in Alabama.

Review these instructions and then review each page of this website for a similiar idea of what you will be doing for your assignment.  

You will include a map of Alabama on your website.  You will show what region of Alabama the caves can be found by numbering and naming them.  See the map on my webpage.  You will not need to worry about the counties  and cities in Alabama.  Only represent what region of the state to find the caves. 

 Discuss with you group members the cave you are researching.  The following link will include reliable websites for you to try. As you begin to write your informative paragraph that will give information to your reader.  Be sure to refer to the rubrics for writing informative an informative paragraph and use the graphic organizers to help you to organize you thoughts.  


Once you have completed the webpage that talks about the caves.  Collaborate with you group and write a final persuasive paragraph that will be included as a webpage on your website.  You are trying to convince everyone to visit the cave of your choice.

You will then send an email to everyone in your class using your Gmail account.  You are collecting information from the class on which cave they are likely to visit.  Once you receive all email back from your classmates, represent the data in the form of a picture. As you are designing your webpage be sure to include links, videos, and audio to make it exciting!  You job is to convince the persuade the audience to think like you.