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Here is the Word- Squires' Stars-

8 April 2019: Testing today for iReady end of year evaluations. WE are in Bldg. 16 Room 167 today and tomorrow to complete this required testing. Make sure you have a book to read in case you finish early tomorrow.  A reminder that you have homework due on Wednesday this week: The T-shirt poem and the Gratitude poem. Typed, rough copy and entry form for the Gratitude poem. Adhere to the guidelines as they were posted previously in class and on website last week.  Due on Thursday is the You Write it Article- Jazzy title, three body paragraphs minimum and typed with NO MLA HEADING- you have an entry form to put that information. Your rough copy has the MLA heading. 

Donations for Ice Cream sundaes and all the trimmings were due on Friday, I did not receive them all and extended to today. Same thing again. If you choose not to participate, no problem. I will supply an assignment and location for you. Everyone else, thanks for bringing in your donations on time. I have a lot to get and haul in- think about that and be considerate. 

10 April 2019: We are finished with iReady end of year diagnostic! If you were absent or did not complete, you may see me to determine how to quickly get this accomplished. WE are limited on locations for make-up. Take care of it asap. 

In class today your work on the Gratitude Poem and T-Shirt poems was due. WE did a Pair-Share to read and review the directions being adhered to for the long-term assignment. You must follow directions as I have repeatedly stated in class. This is quarter 4 and there will be fewer grades so if you do not make the effort, then you know the consequences. WE began work in class on how to write an ODE using two of Pablo Neruda's Odes to Common Things as inspiration. From the reading to analysis of the irregularly written meter and verse to what the poet meant about the specific common thing he wrote about were covered. HOMEWORK tonight is to make sure you have a jot list of 10 common things and from the list select 2 to compose orignal odes to using the Neruda ODES as a springboard. DO NOT TYPE. This is your rough draft that we will peer edit and rework tomorrow for final draft. Ms. Fair will be coming in and will select her favorites!  I am posting your Favorite T-shirt Poems on the bulletin board of POET TEES as April is the National Poetry Month. Some of you wrote really quality poems. Congrats! HOMEWORK FOR MONDAY APRIL 15 is YOU will select your best work of the three poems: Gratitude, T-shirt or ODE and it must have a Jazzy title centered and typed as directed. At the end of the POEM you will add the following after your name: Grade 6 Pine View School  Mrs. Fran Squires, M. Ed. and your email. I will submit them to the national poetry contest for you to Creative Communication. This is basically a reprint of work done and edited with some additional information for submission. Please adhere to the directions. 

ON Monday you will be provided with a copy of As You Like It by W. Shakespeare. We will begin reading the play and you will be taking notes in class as well as viewing the play performed in the GLOBE in London. Expect to have random quizzes on the material so you will need to read it carefully. It will be challenging but the translation is right in your bound copy of the play to assist. Once you get in the flow, you will be fluently reading the great Shakespeare and this romantic comedy! It is a good one! 

11 April 2019: In class today students worked on their Ode to Common Things poems to revise, correct and "turf up" the work to create a quality product. Work was shared with peers and myself and we will continue to work on these rough drafts tomorrow in class. I have not given a due date yet for the final typed Ode. I will determine after I see the progress made in class. I will be distributing AS you Like It tomorrow to preview over the weekend as we will begin the play next week. I am sending in the You Write It articles today of the correctly written pieces. This was assigned last week on April 4 and due today. You had plenty of time to complete as you had time in class last week as well. Weds- Friday for MIA time. It must be in MLA format, that never changes and show the details of a newspaper article take from the SCOPE interview on pages 28-29. Convention errors should not be there if you edit before you print. Thanks!

Students who missed iReady or did not take it due to absence must check in with Mrs. Hollar to schedule the make-up time in her area where there are computers. This will be at her agreement during lunch, so take care of it asap!  I know some of you have already made the effort- well done. Others need to go and knock it out this week- one more day.