The scientific description of the effectiveness of the computer embroidery machine should have three parameters, namely the highest speed, the lowest speed, and the switching needle length. The highest speed and the lowest speed determine the scale of the mechanical speed, and the length of the needle determines the needle length of the speed reduction. Because the needle length required by the famous hall is greater than that of the switch needle, the speed will be actively reduced to conform to the embroidery frame. . The Cap embroidery machine full servo system is accomplished by promoting the maximum speed, minimum speed and transition pin length.

The effect of describing an embroidery machine on weekdays is based on its maximum speed. In fact, when the embroidery machine is permanently robbed, the electronic control system will adjust the rotation speed of the embroidery machine. For example, a machine with a 2mm switch pin will always run at a maximum of 750 rpm, and when the switch pin length becomes 10mm, the electronic control system will reduce its speed to a lower level (<500 rpm) and follow the step. Electromechanical drive frame action time.

The traditional application of the computerized embroidery machine with stepping electromechanical drive frame, the maximum speed is usually set at 750 rpm, when the needle length is greater than 5mm, due to the limitation of the function of the stepper electromechanical, the electronic control system will actively lower the spindle. The speed, in order to cover the frame, has enough time to work in place. Servo electromechanical has the characteristics of high speed, strong overload capability and large input torque. When it is applied to the frame drive, it greatly prolongs the time period required for the reciprocating action of the frame. This makes the switch pinch in the application, the embroidery machine spindle Can adhere to high-speed things, and thus promote the effectiveness of towel mixing embroidery machine. Due to the application of servo electromechanical, the switching needle length can increase the mechanical switching needle length to 7mm without slowing down, so that most of the needle length is at the highest speed.

Features of computer embroidery machine: