Class Schedule

7:30am- Classroom Transistion: Ms. Autumn arrives to school! At this time I help my students clean up Ms. Casey's class and move to our classroom. Once we arrive and get our belongings settled we have free play.

8:00am- Clean-Up and Prepare for Breakfast: After a five minute warning, our clean-up song is played. The children love to whistle while they work and know that when the song comes on that it is time to clean-up our toys, wash our hands and have a seat at the table for breakfast. Make sure to arrive before 8:30am if you want your child to enjoy a healthy and delicious breakfast with us!

8:30 am-Table Activities: The students will enjoy table time activities. Puzzles, Unifix Cubes, Lacing Cards, GeoBoards, coloring, letter and number games are just a few of the activities that you child may choose from. Fine motor skills, creativity, math and language concepts are just a few domains that your child will master while having a great time.

9:00 am- Morning Workout: We begin each morning with a warm up work out. Not only does this help us get our wiggles out before circle time, but we are learning the importance of exercise to stay fit and healthy while also work on mastering a variety of gross motor skill too!

9:15 am-Circle Time: During circle time we review the calander, the letters and numbers of the week, review our classroom rules and plan our day. Circle time closes with a large group review activity such as a letter hunt, the shape hokey pokey, or the color dance just to name a few. This is a fun way for me to review various concepts while assessing the children so that I can be sure that your child has the basics down.

9:45 am- Centers/Small Group Activities: During this time your child gets to choose the center he or she wishes to play in. Construction and Building, Home Living, Writing and Drawing or Math and Manipulatives are just a few of the choices your child has. While some of the children play, we break into small groups of 2-3 so that I can work closely with the students to explore various math, science, and language and literacy concepts. Every child gets an equal opportunity to both work with me and play in the centers.

10:30 am- Outdoor Play: The great outdoors! While outside your child can ride bikes, swing, slide, run, dig play hopscotch or explore nature. While always fun, outside is also an extension of our classroom. Many large motor skills are explored during outdoor play. Running, throwing and catching, climbing and hopping are just a few of the skills that we be worked on and assessed while outside.

11:15 am- Prepare for Lunch/StoryTime: After putting away our outside toys and coming inside to wash up we enjoy StoryTime while we wait for lunch.

11:30 am- Lunch Time: Your child will enjoy a well balanced nutrious lunch. Check the menu outside of the kitchen to see what's for lunch! 

12:00 pm- Clean-Up/Prepare for Nap: Self-help skills get taught as your child cleans up their lunch dishes and mess, wash up, potty and get their sheets and blankets ready for nap. Once they are settled in, the children may choose a book to read quietly on thier mats while they wait for thier friends to finish.

12:15 pm- Nap Time: With such a busy morning this is a great opportunity for some much needed rest. However, if your child is not much of a napper, I will allow them to play quietly after one hour of quiet rest.

2:30 pm- Scattered Awakening: The children are woken up gently. First the blinds open, then the lights come on slowly. I turn off nap music and then slowly turn on our wake up songs. This makes wake-up much less intrusive, especially for our heavy nappers!

2:45 pm- Snack Time: Yummy, delcious and nutrious way for your child to re-fuel for the busy afternoon ahead!

3:15 pm- Creative Activities: Whether arts and crafts or music and movement, your child will enjoy this time to explore their creative side.

3:45pm- Outdoor Play: Once again, the great outdoors. Much like our morning time outdoor play, we will once again use our time outside to perfect gross motor coordination.

4:30 pm- Wash up and Get Ready for Home: After returning inside we wash up and get ready to ga home for the day. We wrap up each day with a review of what we did and what we learned and top it off with Story and Sticker Time.