Avery's Educational Consultation, Tutoring in English/ESL and Reading

Are you tired of learning the same old way? My professional skills include using learning styles to help you know "how" best you learn. With this knowledge, you can understand why and how you can gain more information using your own learning style. This helps you feel comfortable in your learning zone.

My Master's Degree is as a Reading Specialist, with English as a minor. I am a General Elementary teacher with a focus on English as a Second Language. I have taught World Cultures, English, ESL, Geography, Reading and many others in several class settings. Throughout my 18 years, my experiences have been with various levels from 1-12.

My professional aspects include: Highly Qualified Teacher for reading, Mentor/Teacher trainer for student teachers, Facilitator/Instructor for new textbook adoptions, Team Leader, Department Head for Language Arts, Hispanic Conference Facilitator, and many others.

My philosophy toward learning is that students can achieve if they try and believe that failure is not an option. It may take longer for some in certain areas, but easier in others. We all have strengths and weaknesses, we have to overcome those that cause us to have anxiety. With time and diligence, it is possible to achieve what we desire.

My skills also include using Microsoft Office Series: Excel, Publication, Word, and PowerPoint.

I am very a qualified teaching professional for Language Arts, Reading, Study Skills, ESL, World History, and computer programs.

Thank you and I look forward to helping you enhance your life with new knowledge and self-confidence that no one can ever take from you.

More On Avery's Subjects

Grades 1-8

My 18 years of successful teaching exemplify my qualities from grades 1-8. I have experience in various subjects in each field of study. My strengths are in the Language Arts/ESL area, but I am also experienced in World History and certain Math areas. I possess a Master's and Bachelor's degree for education. I am designated a Highly Qualified Teacher in the Language Arts field of study. I will be an asset to your child's educational experience.

General Computer Knowledge

My general computer knowledge is very extensive. I have taken and passed several exams throughout my teaching career related to school computer programs and Microsoft Office. I have managed grade books, attendance, office documentation, correspondence, and email programs. I participated in a three week computer summer course and created, presented lessons based on computer accessibility and usage. I also have the ability to hardwire computer systems and printer/faxes. I have teamed with technology coordinators to set up and manage computer study centers in schools.

Study Skills

During my teaching years, I have been involved in many study skill programs and learning projects. I am trained in AVID, Cornell notetakeing and have developed organizational ways to help students succeed in keeping their lives successful. With learning styles training, I can determine how best students can retain information and this also flows over into understanding "how to" study according to their style.

Special Needs

While teaching mostly in the mainstream classroom, I have been taught strategies to accommodate students that require some extra help in certain areas. By identifying students' strengths first, then teachers can use those to direct students toward success in the areas where they may be experiencing difficulties. The new research that is available is so extensive that new ideas are flowing and should be utilized for each student. I have taught classes through inclusion, LINK, and various physical, vision and hearing impaired students. My personal experience is with my nephew who was born with spina bifida. He is a thriving 25 year old with an apartment and working. If he can do it, then anyone can.


My ESL certification was part of an extensive teaming of Texas Women's University and Fort Worth ISD. I attended classes related to identifying, creating real-life learning lessons, and valued assessments for ESL students.It was a program that was intensive, diligent and creative designed to accommodate all students' needs. My comprehensive notebook was used to train teachers entering the program for the consecutive years. I was the highest scoring student on the Texas text for my certification class.

Public Speaking

During my tenure as an educator, I have trained teachers in several areas. These include: new teacher training, Hispanic Conference facilitator and instructor, textbook trainer for school district, campus inservices, and several ESL/English teacher training courses. All of these positions required me to speak publicly with professionals and create methods that were interesting, entertaining, and inspiring for the participants.


While teaching in a major urban school district, I have had numerous years of testing experience with TAKS. Not only have I proctored the test for over 10 years, I have also developed lessons for test taking skills, and review materials for the school district. My students have always been successful on their TAKS scores and many have been commended in Language Arts and Reading.