About Me

My name is Teresa Gonzales and I will be your childs First Grade teacher. I'd like each parent to know who I am so you all feel comfortable reaching out to me with any questions or concerns you have for your child throughout the year. If you and I work together as a team, your child will have the most successful year ahead of them! 

So, to begin I started my college education at Northern Arizona University. I loved it there, I miss the snow so much! However, I moved back home and transferred to Grand Canyon University. After I moved home to sunny San Diego, I was hired at an elementary to be a one on one special educational aide for several students with autism. This is where I found my passion for education especially special education. Over the course of three years, I continued learning about the students and taught them basic skills like; speaking, walking, reading, numbers, and eating independently. Each day was always different! Sometimes there are days full of violent behaviors where I had to assist them so they didn't hurt themselves. In those days, I taught them what emotions are and how to work through anxiety and anger. On other days, students learned to walk and read. Those are the days that fills my heart with joy! Those are the days I do what I do. I worked everyday with my mentor teacher who helped me through field trainings and student teaching obsernations. I continued my education and fullfilled my degree. 

Outside of school, I am a wife to Nate Laff who is a firefighter for our small community in the mountains outside of San Diego. We got married on December 7, 2018. He is also the communities CPR and First Aide Trainer and often partcipates in the FireFighter Assemblies we have on campus. In these assemblies firefighters teach our students safety rules to follow, show them what they look like in their fire gear so a child doesn't hide from them, and also let them tour their rig. Nate and I enjoy being apart of our community and have goals to become even more involved. We believe building our community and bringing community members closer is the best! 

Teaching Philosophy                               

"Every child has a different learning style and pace. Each child is unique, not only capable of learning but also capable of succeeding." 


This qoute is exactly true and will always stand true to my teaching philosophy. I will cater to each students needs. Some students might work well independently while some might need one on one group time with me to understand a concept. Both is just fine! I want to perfect skills your child is already good at and improve on struggles your child might have. It is important to me that each student recieves the attention, care, and passion that I will maintain everyday in the classroom. Also, students with IEP's who will be in the class for certain amounts of the day, I will absolutley learn about them, care for them and their needs, as well as manipulate a lesson and materials to their level they can be successful with. ALL   of my students are important to me.