Mrs. Harris' Classes

Computer I

The purpose of this class is to learn basic computer skills in four basic applications:  Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases, and Power Point.  Students are required to complete projects and tasks that they can utilize in the real world as college students and beyond.  Most projects are designed to allow students to utilize their technology skills on a professional level to enhance knowledge learned in other subject areas.

Word Processing I

Ninth grade students learn to produce professional-looking documents that utilize many different tools and techniques found in most word processing and basic publishing software.

Desktop Publishing

Upperclassmen may schedule this class as an elective after meeting certain academic standards and levels of technological skills that will help them produce a quality school yearbook.  This 1/2-credit course is taught in conjunction with Journalism as 1/2-credit with both classes teaching hands-on skills required to produce and publish a yearbook.  Students will spend much time learning about organization, leadership, reporting, editing, and design.