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What We’re Learning

We have had a great year so far in Reading Class! We spent the first 9 weeks covering the different types of nonfiction and all the different ways they can be organized. At the beginning of the second 9 weeks, we learned about author's purpose, and now we have begun our novels.

Each class is reading a different book; check with your child to find out which novel he or she is reading.

We hope that everyone had a pleasant Thanksgiving; Christmas is just around the corner. We will be finishing up our novels before Christmas break.

Don’t hesitate to call the school at 944-2822 if you have any questions!

Mrs. Angus:

Mrs. Wooton:

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The only homework students will have this quarter (in addition to finishing up any classwork not completed during class) is to read at home each night. Having your child read a book or short story to you is a wonderful way to help with development and comprehension. Getting to hang out together is a great side effect!