About Me

Education is the catalyst that advances societies. Teachers are the conservator’s of this catalyst. They are the ones that facilitate the access to its properties and maintain the catalyst’s integrity.


Teachers are role models. Through their example, they communicate the value of an education.


Teachers are guides. They have the exceptional privilege of providing students the knowledge they require to advance in their education. I believe students want to learn, but need to be motivated to see value of what they are learning.


As a Science Teacher, I want my students to develop analytical and problem-solving skills, understand complex science concepts, and be more attuned to the natural world.


All students are capable of learning. As a teacher, my job is to identify the best way for students to learn and provide them with the skills so they can. I believe the best way for students to learn is by personal identification. I think if students are able to identify with a teacher, they are more likely to develop a rapport with them. Thus, if students identify with what a teacher is communicating, they are more likely to personalize the message and as a result learn.