Kingdom News

This week we will be reading “Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type” by Doreen Cronin.  This is a fantasy.  This is a story of Farmer Brown and his farm.  The cows are able to type and have a typewriter.  They send him messages requesting electric blankets.  The cows send the typed messages to Farmer Brown through a duck that is neutral.  He eventually agrees to the blankets in exchange for the typewriter.  He puts the blankets outside the barn and waits for the typewriter to be delivered to him by the duck.  The next morning he receives a typed note from the ducks wanting a diving board for the pond.   Ask your child to tell you about the story.

Specials this week are: Monday:  P.E; Tuesday:  Reading Lab; Wednesday:  Tech; Thursday:  Math Lab; Friday:  Media; Monday; P.E.; Tuesday: P.E.    

For math we continue our work on graphing as we continue working on place value and mastering the basic addition and subtraction facts with and without regrouping.   We are going to start work on column addition.  We will continue working on basic math families for addition and subtraction.  Our work includes addition and subtraction of two, three, four and five digit numbers.  Drill your child on the basic math facts each night for a few minutes.  We will be working on solving real world problems in the form of word problems. 100 Book Challenge:  Please try to read with you child for 15 – 30 minutes each night.  Remember that 15 minutes equals 1 step. 

YEARBOOKS:  The Cowboy Chronicle is for sale on line for $10 with a credit card. 

FLIP FLOPS:  Dress code for school requires appropriate shoes everyday.  NO FLIP FLOPS! 

God bless you!