Technology and Useful Links

At LCA, students have technology class on Mondays, as one of their "specials."

In the classroom, I love to incorporate technology as we learn. Last year, we received an Apple T.V. With this new technology, we utilize many exciting links such as Brainpop, Discovery Learning, Youtube, online manipulatives and games, and Khan Academy. It has become a daily, integral part of our classroom.

Useful Links  
(Rock Cycle Rap Song)     
(Rock Cycle Rap Song)        
(Interactive Rock Cycle)   
(Multiplication Song)  
(Schoolhouse Rock 2xs Song) (Schoolhouse
Rock 3xs Song)     
(Mr. Popper's Penguins)   
(States and Capitals) 
(big idea) (big
(Wakko's state and capital song)   (Area) 
(Time Games) (Time
Game) (Time
Game) (All
time games) 
(Elapsed Time)  
(Yukiest Site on Earth for Kids-human body)  
(Feed the body)  
(Cruising through the Southeast!) 
(rap song)  
(Charlotte's Web webquest) 
(Virtual Owl Dissection) (Phases
of the Moon Rap) (Ceelo
Moon Phases Song)  
(Judicial System)  
(Grammar Ninja) 
(More Area Practice) 
(Circuits) (Lewis
& Clark)