Emergency Plans 


                                                   Emergency Plan for 3/16 thru 3/27
Main assignment: Drawing the Skull 

1. pick either front or the side and draw the Skull following the Video by Jazza

2. The drawing needs to use at least four of the seven elements of art  (line, shape, form, value, space, texture, and color) write the four elements of art you used on the back of the paper and describe where they are used in your art work.

3. Must include a background (Not just a single color)

4. You may use any medium.

5. Be creative, Take your time, don't rush. 

6. Don't forget to include your name and MOD on the back of your art piece.

7. Take time each day to just look around you, the way the light shines through a glass of water,the shapes and lines an artist used to create your phone or game system, or how you as a person can make the world a little more beautiful. Creativity does not have to be just about art. You can find itin in poetry, dance, and music as well. Create something you are proud of. 

Have a great forced early Spring Break