Brittney Trahan



Monday and Tuesday: 11/15/2010-11/16/2010

1. CBA

2. Unit 4 Map

3. Begin CBA vocabulary 


Friday: 11/12/2010

1. TAKS math practice. 


Wednesday and Thursday: 11/10/2010- 11/11/2010

1. Make up Work

2. Review Game

3. CBA on Monday/Tuesday

4. Extra credit if you bring FIVE canned goods! 


Monday and Tuesday: 11/8/2010-11/9/2010

1. Warm up:

2. Deforestation of the Rainforest: Multi-flow map

3. Make up work. 


Wednesday and Thursday: 11/3/2010-11/4/2010

1. Warm up:

2. Finish Chapter 9 notes.

3. Chapter 8 Assignment 


Monday and Tuesday: 11/1/2010-11/2/2010

1. Warm up: Name the capitals of the following countries: Argentina, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Columbia, Costa Rica, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, French Guiana, Grenada, Guatemala.

2. Finish Chapter 8 Outline.

3. Cornell Notes: Chapter 9, Section1.

4. Classwork/Homework: Chapter 8 worksheets. (4) 


Friday:  10/29/2010

Study Skills: Cornell notes, metacognition, procrastination. 


Wednesday and Thursday: 10/27/2010-10/28/2010

1. Warm up: The purpose of the temperance movement of the 1800s was to-- A. abolish the sale of alcoholic beverages; B. limit the number of immigrants; C. gain voting rights for African Americans.

2. Outline Chapter 8 together (as a class).

3. Homework: p. 198, #6.  And compare/contrast the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains using a double-bubble map or a venn diagram. 


Monday and Tuesday: 10/25/2010-10/26/2010

1. Warm-up: Unlike the flat boats used to travel rivers before their invention, steamboats could-- A. carry cargo as well as passengers; B. navigate across oceans as easily as they  navigated rivers; C. travel relatively quickly against the current.

 2. Ch. 6 Quiz.

3. Unit 3 Map: Latin America

4. CBA vocabulary ACTIVITY

5. Late/Make-up work 


Friday: 10/22/2010 AND 10/29/2010

Study Skills: Cornell notes, metacognition, procrastination. 


Wednesday-Thursday: 10/20/2010-10/21/2010

1. Journal: On the inside cover of your textbook is a copy of the Star Spangled Banner. Where do YOU THINK it came from and why was it written?

 2. Chapter 5 Quiz

3. Chapter 6 Outline

4. Homework: p. 154: Reviewing Key Terms (Write the complete sentence.); National Geographic Map


Monday-Tuesday: 10/18/2010-10/19/2010

1. Warm-up: (Check with a classmate if you were absent on this day.)

2. Unit 2 Opener Quiz.  Refer to KWL chart during the quiz.  It was YOUR responsibility to write a COMPLETE KWL chart.  There is no reason to make anything less than a 100 on this quiz!!

3. Chapter 5 Outline

4. Homework: p. 125 (#2 only); p. 128 (National Geographic Map and Reviewing Key Terms-- Write the complete sentence.)