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Welcome!  My name is Barbara Anne Forte & I am a Social Studies teacher at FDR High School in the Hyde Park Central School District located in Dutchess County, NY.  This website is intended to acquiant the student and parent/guardian with the courses titled.....

1. Global History & Geography 9 (9th Grade)

This course is the first year of a two year course that examines World History (from ancient times to the present day) and culminates in the Global History & Geography Regents Examination in June of the second year (though it is also offered in January & August).


2. United States History & Government (11R) (11th Grade)

This course is a one year examination of United States History & Government that covers information from the American Revolution to the Present day.  This study culminates in the United States History & Government Regents Examination in June of the academic year (though it is also offered in January & August).

The successful completion of both courses is mandatory in order to earn a Regents Diploma in the state of New York.

Please utilize this site to review course guidelines and current assignments on a daily/weekly basis.  When absent from school, please refer to this site for required assignments and hand them in on the appropriate due date or the first day that you return to school. 

Thank you,

Barbara Anne Forte

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