Global History & Geography 9/US History Course Requirements/Expectations/Absence Policy

Global History & Geography 9/US History Requirements

  1. Academic Materials & Expectations/ABSENCE POLICY!
  • 3-Ring Binder (Large) for Notes & Handouts (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • 50 sheets of Looseleaf Paper placed in Binder (for purposes of notetaking)
  • Blue & Black pens ONLY (NO Red pens or Neon colors that blind me!)
  • Always present your own work to the teacher.  Please do not "copy" information from others when completing a homework or writing assignment.
  • Plagiarism (i.e.-cheating) will result in a "0" on the assignment/quiz/test and possible detention time.
  • When absent, please check this website for required assignments and due dates.  Work is due on the first day that you return to school unless a note is provided that explains why further time is needed (on the first day that you return).
  • When absent for an EXAM/QUIZ, make arrangements to make up the exam within a week of your return. ALL MAKE UP EXAMS ARE TO BE TAKEN AFTER SCHOOL.

    2.  Behavioral Expectations

  • Please attend class each day and arrive on time.
  • Cutting class and/or lateness to class will result in detention time. 
  • Take care of the Textbook provided (keep in good condition/treat with care).
  • Keep the textbook at home for HW assignments.
  • DO NOT write in the Textbook!
  • Please be respectful of the teacher and fellow peers at all times.
  • Please use appropriate language at all times and possess a positive attitude.
  • Raise your hand before answering a question (unless during an "open forum" session or debate, etc.).
  • Please turn off electronic devices and keep them out of site.  NO "TEXTING" UNDER THE DESKS!
  • Use of cell phones and/or I-Pods will result in a warning, removal of device or possible detention.