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Before writing it

  • Choose a topic that is interesting for the writer.
  • Establish a position on the topic (thesis).
  • Collect and analyze information on the topic, making sure that the sources consulted are reliable. Likewise, it is advisable to rescue the data from the bibliography consulted.
  • To plan the ideas that arise in a writing scheme; in this someone to write my essay scheme the ideas that will be written in the beginning, the development and the conclusion are organized, as well as the authors and sources consulted that will be cited.


While writing it

  • Start writing the essay taking as a guide the writing outline that was previously made.
  • State, from the introduction, the position on the topic to be developed, supporting it with examples, data, and arguments.
  • Be concrete in the ideas; for this purpose, it must be clear what is going to be said and how it is going to be said.
  • Check that the text is coherent; this is achieved by organizing and prioritizing the ideas, as well as verifying that the paragraphs are understandable and that there is a relationship between them. It is convenient to remember that paragraphs are built from a central idea around which other related ideas revolve to explain or specify it.


After writing it

  • Reread the whole essay analyzing if it is understandable both for the author and for the possible addressees. (It is convenient to ask a colleague or friend to read it and provide suggestions for improvement).
  • Review punctuation marks; this can be done by reading the text aloud.
  •  Examine the vocabulary, making sure it is varied and appropriate.
  • Take care of the spelling, if possible with the help of a dictionary.
  • Rewrite those parts of the essay that require it.


The essay is often used as a teaching and learning strategy, so whether you https://essayassistant.net/prices/ are a teacher or a student, it is always convenient to know how to write and structure this argumentative text in a relevant way.

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