According to this class, you are allowed to miss three class meetings without being dropped from class with an F. This means your 4th absence will fail you in the class. While we are on the subject of absences, class starts at 10: am. Once I have begun class, anyone not in attendance is tardy, whether one minute or 40 minutes. 3 tardies equals one absence. If you will routinely be late to class, drop the class. Neither your classmates nor I want to be disturbed by your late arrival.

Written Assignment & Projects

Students will be expected to complete 2 written papers and a final paper. The papers are part of the requirements for completion of this course. Failure to complete these assignments by the due date will result in lower cumulative points earned for the semester.


Examinations and Grading


Participation - 20%

 4 Quizzes - 20%

Final Project - 40%

2 Papers - 20%

Grading Scale:

93-100= A

90- 92 = B+

84-89 = B

81- 83 = C+

75-80 = C

70-74 = D

60-69 = F

"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb