Awards Criteria

Awards Criteria

The BGEC PTSA is proud to support students who have earned awards and certificates.

At the end of each grading period, those students that meet the appropriate criteria will be recognized for Principal's Honor Roll, A-B Honor Roll, Citizenship and Perfect Attendance. Please be advised that the criteria for awards has changed. Please refer to the following, current criteria (which can also be found on BGEC's website, under the Parent Handbook.):

 1. Principal’s Honor Roll (Each grading period)  - 4.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) only 

2. Bobcat Honor Roll (Each grading period) - 3.5 – 3.99 Grade Point Average (GPA) only

3. Citizenship Award (Each grading period) - 3.5 Grade Point Average (GPA) in conduct; all 1’s in effort and no conduct grade below a B

4. Perfect Attendance (Each grading period) -  Eligible students will be determined by the Perfect Attendance report generated by MDCPS 

5. Grahammy Award (End of Year) -  Students who receive the Principal’s Honor Roll, Citizenship & Attendance Award (all three) for the 1st three grading periods will be recognized as Grahammy award recipients at the end of the school year

Please discuss these awards with your child and monitor his/her grades closely. Encourage excellence in all areas by providing daily motivation. If your son/daughter qualifies for any of their awards, we will send you a special invitation to attend the ceremony.