Classroom Discipline Plan

Classroom Discipline Plan

BGEC has a school wide discipline plan for students in kindergarten through 
eighth grade. This keeps expected behaviors consistent amongst all students. 
However, third grade has made a small change to the list of consequences on 
this plan.  Third grade parents will receive a phone call before a detention 
is issued to a child. 

Our class has an additional classroom management plan that is used in 
conjunction with the school wide discipline plan.  It is based on a positive 
approach to discipline.  Although there are consequences for breaking the 
classroom rules, they are a variety of consistent rewards for following them. 
Your child deserves a positive educational climate that is conducive to 
academic growth; therefore, this plan will be in effect at all times.  

Classroom Rules
1.	Respect others and yourself (keep hands to yourself, help each other, be kind, etc…).
2.	Stay on task at all times (have supplies ready, follow directions, walk correctly in the hallways, etc…).

Rewards for Following the Classroom Rules
1.	Verbal praise
2.	Team points (winning teams receive a weekly reward)
3.	Trips to the Treasure Box and Sticker Box
4.	Positive notes home
5.	Special class activities

Consequences for Breaking the Rules
1st time – Warning
2nd time – Behavior Chart is sent home and must be signed by parent
3rd time – Parent conference
Severe disruption – Student is sent to the office with a written referral