iReady Math Log and Math Websites

iReady Math Log

iReady Math Logs are due every Monday (calendar permitting).  

Please have students complete TWO iReady Math lessons per week. 

Typically, lessons are approximately 20  minutes long. 

Students can complete these TWO lessons at their own pace, dividing up the time in increments throughout the week, as needed.  

The week, for iReady purposes, begins on Monday and ends on Sunday.

Click here to upload Math iReady Log! (UPDATED 9/20/2019)


Math Websites

Looking to brush up on Math facts or practice your newly acquired Math skills? Check out the great links below!

This FREE website has customized games to help students memorize multiplication facts! 

This FREE website, allows you to input spelling or vocabulary words to help you study.  Includes the ability to print quizzes as well.  Our class link is: 

A great way to practice multiplication facts and brush up on addition and subtraction facts!

This links provides great practice in multiplication. geometry, money, time and reading graphs!

Great websites for practicing time telling skills.

Telling Time

This website is good for kids of all ages and includes a section for parents, games and practice.

Cool Math

This website has printable worksheets to practice addition and subtraction.

Rick's Math Web

This link provides additional descriptions of websites that focus on specific math skills and concepts.

Other Resources