Student Websites

Student Websites

Go to this site to watch educational videos on a variety of subjects and topics. Then take a quiz to check your knowledge!

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Brain Pop

Play and learn about every subject under the sun!

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BrainPop Junior

Read children's classics online.

Children's Classics

Use this online dictionary to look up definitions/meanings of unknown words.

Online Dictionary- WebCentral

Read classic fairytales online.

Classic Fairy Tales

National Geographic for Kids

National Geographic

White House for Kids

White House for Kids

Where children have fun learning to read!


Play to learn!

Fun Brains Kid Center

Learn about U.S coins! U.S. Mint for Kids


All Subjects Site

Create your own Word Family Charts to print!

Word Family Fun

Build words and add to you word bank!

Word Build and Bank

Play games and create art!


Check out this site full of useful virtual manipulatives for you to work out math homework!

Virtual Math Manipulatives

Cool Math for Kids by Karen

Math Is Fun

Interactive Math
Kids Zone

Math Fact Cafe

More Math