Week of 5/11

Weekly Skill Overview:

ELA: Inferencing Review and Compound Sentences

S.S.: Fifty States Project 

Math: Mixed Measures and Patterns in Measurement Units

Science: Cool Science-y Stuff n at.....




1. Review this lesson  on inferencing with Mrs. Hinterliter from last week.

2. Complete this quiz on inferencing.

3. Log into newsela.REMINDER-PLEASE USE YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD FROM LAST WEEK. Also, as a reminder, our class code is V3DEET. Complete the assignment, "A Special Photographer." Make sure you complete BOTH the quiz and writing activity found on the, "Activities" tab on the right. 


1. Watch Grammar Adventures with Mrs. Bauer-Compound Sentences

2. For extra review, this video on simple and compound sentences.

3.  For extra practice, try completing the following activities. These are optional, and are here for you to use for extra practice. You can use a separate piece of paper to record your answers. No printing or submission required!

Write a Compound Sentence Worksheet

Break Apart the Compound Sentences Worksheet

Sentences:Simple or Compound? Worksheet

4. Complete this quiz on compound sentences. Make sure you add your name for #1.

Weekly Journal Challenge:

Find the information for the  OPTIONAL Weekly Journal Challenge by clicking on the tab at the top of our home page!

Social Studies:

1. We will continue working on our Fifty States Project this week! . For S.S. this week, please tell me 3 interesting facts about your state. Make sure you tell me about the state you chose last week. You cannot switch states. Use this website to find your facts.

2.Complete this form to share 3 intersesting facts you learned about your state. 

3. For fun, try this OPTIONAL activity. We are going to try using flipgrid, which will give you a chance to record a video to share!!! If you want to try Flipgrid, you can create a video to share the 3 interesting facts you learned about your state this week. You will need to enter a student ID when you click on the link, which is the first letter of your first name and all of your last name. Example: My username would be dbauer.  Then, click on the green circle with this white plus sign. Click here to give it a try. Remember, this is OPTIONAL!


Monday: Chapter 12 Lesson 10 Click Here

Chapter 12 Lesson 10 Mini Lesson with Mrs. Hinterliter

Extra Video  for adding and subtracting time


Wednesday: Chapter 12 Lesson 11 Click Here

Chapter 12 Lesson 11 Mini Lesson with Mrs. Hinterliter


Take Quiz Here for Math

Feel free to look at lesson 13.1 and 13.2 for next week.



Please note you still have choices.

A.  Click here for the new Science Book Lesson (sound effects & music)                   Click here for quiz


B. Complete a Science Experiment FROM THIS LIST                               Fill out Questionaire for Science Experiment Here