Classroom Discipline Plan

B.G.E.C. has a school-wide discipline plan for students in kindergarten through eighth grade. This keeps expected behavior consistent amongst all students. Our class discipline plan has some age-appropriate modifications and is based on a positive approach to discipline.


Although consequences are given for breaking the classroom rules, a variety of consistent rewards are also given for following them. Your child deserves a positive educational climate that is conducive to academic growth; therefore, this plan will be in effect at all times. 


Classroom Rules

  1. Be responsible. (Examples: Raise your hand and complete all work.)
  2. Be safe. (Examples: Keep hands to yourself, walk in line and use materials wisely.)
  3. Be caring. (Examples: Use kind words and take turns.)
  4. Be respectful. (Examples: Use good manners and always be honest.)


Rewards for Following the Classroom Rules

1. Verbal praise.

2. Team points (winning teams receive a weekly reward).

3. Trips to the Treasure Box, Sticker Box and Tickets.

4. Positive notes home

5. Special class activities


Consequences for Breaking the Rules

1st time – Warning


2nd time – * Think Sheet is sent home and must be signed by parent

* A Think Sheet is a note sent home with your child explaining the rule(s) that your child did not follow with a brief description of what occurred.  This is a form of communication and an opportunity for reflection and improvement.


3rd time – Parent contact


Severe disruption – Student is sent to the office with a written referral