Supply List


1 book bag (No rolling book bags please.)

1 Student/Dated Agenda to copy homework.

1 pencil bag

1 pair of headphones/earphones (They will be kept at school.)

2 PLASTIC duotang pocket folders with PRONGS (1 Red, 1 blue)

1 Poly binder- Size: 1 inch  (Flexible binder, can be found at dollar store)

10 sheet protectors

4 composition notebooks

24 wooden sharpened pencils

1 red pen

1 box of crayons (16 or 24 count MAX)

1 glue stick

1 eraser

1 highlighter

1 pair of blunt end scissors

Girls: hand soap

Boys: Wipes

Please note:  Special area teachers may request additional supplies for Art, Music and PE.