Classroom Handbook

FROGS Classroom Handbook

Fully Responsible, Organized, Growing Students!



FROG Notebook:


You will have a FROG notebook to help you stay organized. There will be several labeled pockets so you know where everything goes. This notebook is to travel with you EVERY DAY!!! If you leave it at home or in the car, you will be lost for the day. You will also lose Froggy Bucks for not having your notebook with you.   This notebook is YOUR responsibility. Do not ask to call your parents/guardians to bring it to you if you forget it because you will not be allowed to call after the first week of school. Every day we will be in this notebook putting and taking materials in and out to use. You will also keep your planner in this notebook. It MUST be signed EVERY night. Again, the same rule applies if you forget it. Froggy bucks will be paid for RESPONSIBLE behavior only!! What are Froggy Bucks?


Froggy Bucks:


Froggy Bucks are my positive reward system. When you make good choices, do what you are supposed to, and show that you are a FROG you will receive Froggy Bucks on a regular “pay day” basis. Usually “pay day” is twice a month. You may save your Bucks or spend them in the Froggy Store that we have once a month. You are responsible for keeping up with your Froggy Bucks. If you lose them, I am sorry. They will not be replaced. You will keep a “bank book” so you understand how an economy system works using debits and credits. It will also help you keep track of your Bucks. Be careful, though! If you are irresponsible, you will have to “pay” me Froggy Bucks as a penalty, like paying a speeding ticket!

You can earn Froggy Bucks in a variety of ways such as:


  • bringing in your FROG notebook every day
  • having your planner signed every day
  • bringing in your homework on time
  • returning notes, papers, or tests to be signed on time
  • completing your job every day


So, do you see why it is so important to be a FROG?  NOT doing these things will result in your loss of Froggy Bucks!





Spelling homework is assigned on Monday. It is due on Friday. Please pace yourself so all you have to do Thursday is study for your spelling/vocab test. Do not turn in your Spelling Homework before Friday. I will not accept it.

You will also have Reading and Math homework every night.  Please be sure to follow my instructions regarding the due date. Writing, Science, and Social Studies will be assigned on a regular basis, too.  You can always find the information you need on the board and it should also be written in your planner.  Please be sure to write all notes/assignments in your planner so you know the expectations. 

EVERY night you should be reading at least 15 minutes.  This reading should be recorded in your Reading Log.




You will be completing several projects this year. Some of them we complete in class, others are to be done at home. You will receive a rubric explaining the project and the expectations as well as check-up dates and due dates.


Working in Groups:


We will be working in a lot of groups this year. Here are some things to remember:

Group Participation Rules

Keep with the Group

Include Everyone

Share ideas and Feelings

Stay on Task

Encourage Others

Six Inch Voices




You are expected to ALWAYS do your best! There is no CAN’T in our room. We TRY and sometimes we have to TRY HARDER!! I will not accept a quitter attitude! We are all winners and winners never quit! How does this apply to your behavior? If you are always doing your best, you are ALWAYS doing your best! You are expected to follow our classroom and school rules. If you have trouble with that, we will have to take action to ensure you understand the correct way to follow the rules and accept the consequences. This could mean losing privileges such as missing recess, missing fun activities, sitting with your friends or losing Froggy Bucks.  If you have a question about the “right” thing to do, please ask! I’m sure your peers would also like to know.

Please do not yell out unless you are directed to – and sometimes you are directed to!  Raise your hand and wait to be called on. This shows respect for your peers and me.

You may talk quietly during work time unless you disturb your neighbor when I direct you that this is ok. There is always NO talking during tests or classroom writing time.

Restroom time will be granted once you are working.  There is no going to the restroom during instruction unless it is an emergency or you have a doctor’s note.

You have been provided a desk and chair.  However, sometimes, if you need to work standing up, sitting away from the group on the floor, or in another position you may as long as you are not disturbing those around you. If this should occur, you will be asked to return to your seat and stay there.

Our class is a bully-free classroom and Cottonwood is a bully-free school. I do not tolerate name-calling, laughing at/making fun of, gossiping, spreading rumors, picking on, pushing, shoving, punching, whispering, or anything that would intimidate or hurt somebody. I will make sure your parents/guardians, Mr. Huckaby, Mrs. Shea, and Mr. O’Neill, and any other people involved are aware of this issue and it will be stopped. This is very serious and can lead to severe problems that I am not willing to accept. I do not allow you to be sneaky with this either, so don’t try it. You never know who is watching. If you are bullied or think you are, please report it to me or another adult immediately. This is not tattling. Please be sure you understand the meaning of tattling before you don’t say anything.




We will go out to recess twice a day – morning and afternoon most every day. On days we don’t go outside, we will be doing other activities in our classroom to compensate for that time. I wait for you to come to me outside the cafeteria doors. Please be sure to come to me quickly or you could lose Froggy Bucks for being late returning to class.

Please remember the playground rules:

  • watch out for younger kids and your peers
  • no hitting, kicking, punching, etc.
  • play fairly and respectfully
  • always include others into your group


Just remember to be your best and you will be your best!





You are expected to follow the cafeteria rules. If the lights go off  or the whistle blows – that means no talking. Remember to always be respectful of those around you. Be appropriate with your food and respectful of your classmates/peers lunch. Always make sure your table is clean before you leave it. I will be in to pick you up and check on your  behavior.  I expect a good report every day. Remember - if you are being your best, then you will be your best!



Lining up and Hallways:


You are expected to line up in a quick, quiet straight line and continue to be quiet and orderly in the hallway. You are expected to walk in a straight line down the center of the hallway. If we meet another class, please be polite and move to the right.  Be sure to watch for doors that might be opening. We walk in a single file line, not in pairs or groups. If you do not follow our line/hallway rules, you will lose Froggy Bucks.  




The same level of expectation stands in resource classes as it does in our classroom. You are always expected to do your best and be your best. Keep a positive attitude even if what you are expected to do is difficult or not particularly interesting to you. You might be surprised how much you will learn and achieve from putting forth your best effort. I always expect a positive report from other teachers when I come to pick you up. Make me proud! Remember – we are FROGS!!!!