Classroom Expectations 

Classroom Expectations and Discipline 

**All students have a right to learn and have a responsibility to allow others to do the same. 

1. We will show these traits on a daily basis: responsibility, respect, trustworthiness, fairnes, caring, and citizenship

2. We will work well together 

3. We will listen to others who raise their hands and speak only when called on. 

4. We will turn in our assignments on time and neat. 

5. We will respect our classroom and the equipment in it. 

6. We will come prepared every day with all the needed and required materials. 

7. We will follow all district and school rules and procedures. 

8. We will ALWAYS do our BEST!


Just remember everything in life is a lesson. We must learn and grow and do better the next time. 

Our Classroom Rules:

1. Follow directions

2.Be respectful to your teacher and classmates

3.Keep our hands & feet and objects to ourselves

4. Listen when others are talking


There are positive and negative consequences in our classroom. I use the clip chart to visual show the students behavior. 


Positive :

1. Verbal praise

2. Clipping up on clip chart

3. Points to your dojo on ClassDojo

4. Whole class points to ClassDojo

5. Reward coupons for special privileges

6. Shopping at the Dojo store twice a month.

7. School-Wide Rewards (Positive Action Behavior Award, Principals Mate for a day, etc..)


clip chart


Negative Consequences:

1. Verbal warning

2. Clip down on Clip Chart

3. Loss of privilege

4. Seat change

5. Time-out desk 

6. Contact parent

7. Send to principal 

Classroom Accountability System:

Here at EME, we encourage all of our students to participate in the positive action program. Each student is rewarded on how many positive actions they exhibit and at the end of the year, students recieve an award based on the amount. 

Each student has a clothespin with their cubby number on it. When a student exhibits positive behavior, the student will be directed to clip their clip up one. If the student is choosing to make negative choices, the student will be directed to move their clip down. The goal of the clip chart is for students to be visually aware of their behavior and in control of their behavior. At the start of each day, all students will be on the READY TO LEARN spot. Each student has the opportunity to clip up when they make better choices. 

Communication :

Communication is key to a successful year. I strongly believe in communicating with the parents as a united team is always successful. I will be sending home daily folders which will have communication from our weekly grade level newsletter, school newsletter and any behavioral (positive or negative) choices. I support communicating about positive behavior just as much as negative as positive reinforcement is always best! 


93-100    A

90-92      A-

87-89      B+

83-86      B

80-82      B-

77-79      C+

73-76      C

70-72      C-

66-69      D

60-65      D-

59 or Below    F



Homework will be given out daily in the daily take-home folder as I believe that repetition is what helps students learn. 

The daily take-home folder will be brought back to school every day. 

When you get into the classroom every morning, remmber to get your folder and place the homework in the INBOX.