Literacy OVerview and RRR(A)P

Literacy or English Language Arts (ELA) is our reading and writing block. This is where phonics with Letterland, comprehension lessons, and writing takes place.

We have learned so many word and reading strategies to help us be successful with reading.

Currently, we have been using RRRP or RRAP to break down extended reading passages. 

Read the questions

  1. Underline where to look.

  2. Box keywords that will help you find your answer/ evidence.

Read the passage

  1. Number the paragraphs or lines if they are not already numbered. 

  2. First read- Annotate using close reading strategies on the other side of your poster.

  3. Second read- Take notes about the text. You can think about the text structure and create an appropriate organizer.

  4. Third read- Read the text all the way through for an even deeper understanding. Think about your questions. 

Respond to the questions

  1. Read the questions again and read all of the choices.

  2. Eliminate impossible choices

  3. Circle/ color in the letter for the best answer.

Prove your answer

  1. Write the question number near your answer/evidence in the passage.

  1. Write the line number or paragraph number by the selected answer