Math Resources

In second grade, we have covered

- adding and subtracting within 20 with fluency

- Place value within 1,000

- Adding and subtracting within 1,000 with and without regrouping

- Equal groups, arrays, and repeated addition

The online activites below are resources that will allow your scholar to review what they have been learning. 


This website allows scholars to practice their math fluency and automaticity daily. As scholars complete proficiency at each level, they move to another level. This begins with addition and subtraction within 10 and then the second grade standard of fluency within 20. It continues to progress after that.  


To log in:

Sign in

  • Go to Students tab

  • Teacher email: 

  • Scholar’s First name   (example: Sam)

  • Pin: birthday mmdd     ( example: 0124)



Zearn is a math website aligned to Eureka math which is what we have been using in Durham Public Schools. This is an interactive website Scholars can use to review and practice what they have been learning. 

To log in:

  • username: first name-last initial or first name-last initial 2 (Ex. sam-t  or sam-t2)
  • Password: birthday mmdd (ex: 0124)
  • Class code:  VN6D6Q  ( First time only)


Flocabulary is a website where scholars can access songs, videos, vocabulary, and assignments for just about any concept that they have learned in class. We use these often to introduce and review lessons in a fun and engaging way. We recently created accounts for each scholar. They are able to go to assignments that I have created and do everything mentioned earlier. They are also able to access the library of lessons on flocabulary for any subject area and standard though I do not necessarily recommend anything above second grade unless assigned by me. There is some content that is for multiple grades. 

To log in:

  • Go to log in not join a class
  • Username (first name  example: Sam) or (first name and last initial example: Samb) or (first name and middle and last initials example: Samtb)
  • Password: eagle2019



  • The class code is 140 763
  • The scholar will click on their name
  • Their password is their birthday mmdd ( same as kids a-z, xtra math, and zearn)



No log in required



Limited access (Only activites in color or accessbile)

No log in required