Element 3

Milestone 2 


·      Kindergarten Lesson plan- Information reports

·      Cooperating teachers’ report on information report lesson

·      Kindergarten lesson plan- Subtraction

 Element 3  “Teachers plan, assess and report for effective learning” 

I have planned and taught many lessons which were designed in close relation with the syllabus outcomes, indicators and content knowledge. The lessons that I planned followed a logical sequence and the lesson goals and objectives were clearly articulated to the students. This lesson was taught to kindergarten which makes the explanation of learning goals and expectations even more important.


I have used these lessons to provide helpful timely oral and written feedback to students. The appropriateness of the feedback provided was demonstrated by the improvements in students’ future work.


I have taught multiple lessons on teaching students in kindergarten how to write information reports. The lessons were carefully planned, guided by students’ prior knowledge of the text type. The learning goals of the lesson were articulated to the students (3.1.1), as indicated by the comments on the cooperating teachers’ report. These lessons were interconnected and built on the knowledge learnt in the previous lessons (3.1.2).


I have also taught a subtraction lesson in which I used a suitable sequence and lesson development to assist students in meeting the outcomes and indicators. I chose appropriate and engaging resources and materials to foster students learning (3.1.4). I was also very flexible in my teaching and was able to adapt my lesson as students’ needs arose.


Due to the planning process in these lessons, I was able to monitor and assess students. In the information reports lesson, I observed students in class discussion, modelled writing and individual writing, which allowed me to provide timely verbal and written feedback about their progress (3.1.7).

 I have also reported to students on their learning goals and their behaviour.... 

I will plan and teach an entire unit of work on this years’ practicum to further develop my achievement of the graduate teacher standards. I will carefully select the syllabus outcomes that I want students to achieve, plan assessments that students will complete in order for me to assess whether they have achieved the outcomes. I will practice backward mapping, allowing me to develop my teaching and learning sequences with the specific knowledge of what outcomes students will attain.


I need to take responsibility in reporting to parents and caregivers about their children’s achievements and satisfaction of the outcomes in the units that I plan. I need to become more involved in three way communications between students and their parents/caregivers.


I believe that effective teaching practices stem from effective, thorough and thoughtful planning of units of work and lessons. Carefully planned teaching sequences allow students to more successfully achieve the syllabus outcomes. Careful planning leads to successful assessing and reporting of students’ achievements and developments. I believe that students should know your expectations of them  to be able to achieve them and succeed.