Element 4

Element 4 "Teachers communicate effectively with their students"

I have used classroom discussion effectively to develop positive communication with students. I have communicated clear directions to students to ensure they are aware of their responsibilities and requirements (4.1.1). I have communicated clear directions to students about their learning goals, and these relate specifically to learning outcomes identified in my lesson plans.

I have demonstrated a range of questioning techniques to support students' learning in content that I have taught them. I have used prepared and planned questions based on predicted outcomes to enable me to effectively support students' understandings. I have also used questions develop during the lesson based on the direction that the students' may take (4.1.2). The questions occur at various points during lessons.

I have used student grouping in various ways for different purposes. I have used existing groupings, random groupings and ability groupings to address learning goals and to achieve learning outcomes.

I will listen to students during class discussion and be more flexible in the direction the lesson will take.

I need to get to know my students on my upcoming practicum and to consider possible responses they may have and the direction my lessons may take. I need to practice my responses to students to gratify their responses and to make relevant and explicit links to the content being studied.

I believe that effective communication with students is vital in allowing students achieving learning goals and outcomes. Mutual communication and listening develops students' learning.