Homework and Class Assignments

Here is a look at what we are doing in class.  The dates and assignments are subject to change.  I will try the best I can to keep this updated and current. 

Please keep in mind that the offical homework nights for 6th grade Science is Thursday and 8th grade is Monday and Thursday.  Students are given time in class to do much of thier work.  If they do not work and are wasting time it is posible that they will have work to finish on a non-homework night.  I may also give them an assignment in class, for example on Tuesday that is homeowrk, but is not due until after the following homework night.  This allows students that want to work ahead that opportunity without penalizing the other students.

 Date/Day of the Week
8th Grade
 6th Grade
 Monday, August 9, 2010
 Into the Lab we go!
 Introduction to who I am and what we will be doing in 6th grade science this year!
 Tuesday, August 10, 2010
Above the Line Presentation
 Lab Safety Simplified Video
 Wednesday, August 11, 2010
We looked at some of the common Volume Mistakes made in Lab on Monday and started a Volume Reading Worksheet that is due back by Friday.
 We listened to a song called Lab Safety then discussed the lyrics and the lab safety rules .
Gave out Textbooks and Reading Comprehension Guides (RCG)
We started a EAGLES team sheet.  Some classes finished outhers will tomorrow.


 Thursday, August 12, 2010
 We discussed common mistakes made in mesuring Mass from the lab on Monday.  I assigned RCGpages 13-16 Due tomorrow.
We started chapter 5 in the book.  On page 60 in the RCG we did the 4 definitions in class. After discussing the first part of section 1 we did page 53 # 1-4 in RCG.  Most finished in class but those that did not have to finish for Homework.
 Friday, August 13, 2010
 Rainbow Lab Activity

In class we worked on page 53-54 # 5-10 in our RCG. 
Monday, August 16, 2010
We started chapter 7 section 1.
We did page 104 in our RCG and they were assigned page 95 # 1-9.  Anything not finished in class is homework and due tomorrow at the beginning of class.  The class was also instructed to take notes during class.  These not will be taken up on test days for extra credit on the test. 
We went over RCG pages 53-55 # 5-10.  We then finished discussing chapter 5 section 1 and did RCG page 55-56 # 11-19 together in class.  We then did a brief review for our Quiz on Tuesday.