Belknap & Sanchez       4th Grade

Welcome! ¡Bienvenidos!

Special's Schedule:


We will have specials first thing (8:55-9:45) every day except for Thursdays (11:25-12:15).

Monday - Art

Tuesday - STEM

Wednesday - Music

Thursday - Art

Friday - PE



We will have specials first thing Monday, Tuesday and Friday (8:55-9:45). We have double specials on Wednesdays and no specials on Thursdays.

Monday - Music

Tuesday - Art

Wednesday - PE & Art

Thursday - NO SPECIALS

Friday - STEM

Behavior Expectations Acronym Definitions Translation:


Safe (SEGUROS) - My words and actions do not hurt or threaten anyone in school.   


Inclusive (INCLUSIVOS) - I treat every member of our community well because we are all important people.


Ethical (ÉTICOS) - My actions and words are for the good of all and not done or said to hurt anyone.  


Self-Improvement (MEJORÁNDOSE) - I try to get to know myself and give more every day.


Patient (PACIENTES) -I understand that learning takes time.     


Resilient (RESISTENTES) - I am capable of taking a step back and showing a growth mindset to move ahead when I confront difficult things.


Exploring (EXPLORANDO) - I am curious and want to learn everything that I can about our incredible world.